How to Make a Mango Bouquet

Here’s a step by step guide to make your very own mango flower(s). They are perfect for decorations on cakes, parfaits and even fruit salads! Try my Floral Mango Cheesecake to make the most of the mango season.

One mango will yield about 3-4 medium sized flowers. The size of the flower will be depend on how many layers you add. Using larger slices on the outside and curving their edges outwards will make the flower look bigger and in full bloom.

Have fun!

  1. Cut mango cheeks and peel or use the scoop technique to scoop out mango flesh. Repeat for remaining mangoes. Thinly slice cheeks into thin semicircles. Here’s a tutorial on How to Cut a Mango 101 to brush up on your mango skills!how-to-make-a-mango-bouquet_step1_2
  2. Place a small slice of mango lengthways on a chopping board or clean surface, so that one end of the semicircle is closest to you. The flat side of the semicircle will be the base of the flower and the curved side will be top of the petals.
  3. Roll up the slice, starting from the end closet to you and keeping the roll tighter at the base and looser at the
  4. With a slightly bigger slice of mango, wrap the roll starting at a slight overlap from where the edge of the first roll
  5. Repeat wrapping with slightly larger slices, keeping the base tighter and the top looser for the flower to ‘bloom open’. Repeat to make more flowers. how-to-make-a-mango-bouquet_step5


  • You can slice mangoes a day in advance and place in a large dish, cover with cling wrap and chill in fridge until use.


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