Yes, fuel your body… but let’s not forget that food, and cooking food, also gives us precious opportunities to learn more about and reconnect with our food, others and ourselves.

In a world of instant and on-the-go ready-made meals and snacks, it’s even more important that we embrace these kitchen moments and meal times to get more involved in the process of feeding ourselves. This sense of independence, as well as connection with others, is probably what gives us the pleasure from food more than just as metabolic nourishment.

Click and try below some recipe classics, healthy makeovers and midweek time-savers to spur your food journey.


Chilled Tofu with Century Egg

One of my favourite summer time dishes! Smooth, refreshing and light protein side dish to add a bit of East Asian inspo to your table. Plus, super easy to prep!

Classic Garlic Hummus

Learn the one simple trick to make good hummus into amazing hummus. Plus, handy tips on managing garlic breath.

Crunchy Basil Pesto

Befriend your blender or food processor and with a quick blitz, you’ll get this versatile bread-dipper, tart-topper and pasta-coating winner.

Beefy Bibimbap

This Korean classic comes with over 2 veggie serves, protein, iron and a side of gut-friendly probiotics. Plus, read about salt and fermented foods.

Traditional Good Ol’ Pizza

Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy in the inside! Make this thumbs-up base to match any of your favourite pizza toppings!

Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Heat up the oven and add a nutritious notch of health to your next movie marathon or football match screening with these loaded packages of yum!

Beef’n’Sweet Potato Stack

Stack up this warm hearty one-dish meal perfect for the colder weeknights. It scores nearly ALL your daily serves of veggies and is supercharged with beta-carotene!

Almond and Dark Chocolate Slices

It’s got all the right crunch of almonds, gooeyness of melting choc chunks, and darkness of the cocoa (and dark chocolate) for a decadent dessert.

Banana Walnut Bread

Freshly baked, overnight or lightly toasted – enjoy this beautiful classic with a nutty twist. Go ahead, reap the health benefits with all the yum factor!

Fluffy Wholemeal Pancakes

You don’t have to short-stack to enjoy this nutritious and delicious brunch classic. Time to all in love with pancakes all over again!